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My High-Risk Pregnancy: 1st Trimester Recap

I am now 15 weeks along and in the 2nd trimester (hooray!) of my second pregnancy and first high-risk one. Thus far, I have had a completely different, and rather unpleasant experience than I had with Autumn.


Sick as a Dog Mom

With Autumn (3 years ago) I was blessed by not experiencing any nausea or vomiting (sorry) until 12 weeks, and then just a few days of discomfort. I spent the first trimester not feeling pregnant at all, except for tiredness and needing to pee a lot.

My luck has run out. I have been ridiculously sick round the clock with this little nugget. When I vomit, I have a seizure (which is not terribly abnormal) so on top of feeling “pregnant sick” I get the joy of also feeling “seizure sick” often.

I had to be seen in the ER last week because I wasn’t able to keep anything down for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. IV fluids and a prescription for Zofran has helped me battle this incessant nausea so I can actually eat… most of the time. So far, I’ve lost 10lbs since my first OB visit. No one is worried; I have plenty of extra chub to make up for the loss.

As my doctors and friends remind me, feeling sick is a very reassuring sign that a pregnancy is progressing and hormones are a-working. If I had any doubts that there is really a teeny tiny baby growing in me, they would be quelled by the 5 (yes 5) ultrasounds I’ve had so far.

High-Risk = TONS of Sonograms

Just hearing the little gallop of baby heartbeat on doppler is nothing like seeing your little nugget growing and actually seeing the heart as it beats. While I was pregnant with Autumn, I only had 4 ultrasounds throughout the entire unremarkable pregnancy. Now, as a high-risk mama, I get the FANCY equipment with 3D imaging and high-resolution every single visit.

I’ll admit, when I wasn’t feeling any flutters (they just started, yay!) I would wonder if things were really going OK in there. Having the opportunity to actually see the little nugget at every office visit has been so reassuring through this otherwise uncomfortable and stressful pregnancy.

Waiting for Relief

Now that I am in the “honeymoon trimester” I am anxiously waiting for the relief of my worst symptoms. It is nice to hear from family, friends, doctors, and blog moms that the best is yet to come. At he same time, it’s kind of frustrating to hear the fairy tales of bliss and happiness that I SHOULD be having, while I’m still living on the couch with near-constant migraines, on constant vomit watch, and unable to eat like a normal person.

This Too Shall Pass

I have to remind myself that even if it takes 9 months, I WILL feel better. I have tried several remedies for morning sickness and headaches (thanks again, Pinterest) all to no avail. I have accepted that Tylenol is my friend and use it sparingly. I recently started magnesium supplements, but the jury’s out on its efficacy. I’m still searching for my miracle cure or the magical moment of 2nd trimester relief. I’m happy that my illness and discomfort is all proof that I’m growing a tiny human, which is the best reason to be sick.

Do you have any awesome suggestions for general pregnancy malaise? Have you had sickness that went beyond the 1st trimester? How did you cope?