Re-Meet the Apras

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Let’s Start Again

Hi! I’m Leah. I have some great recipes, crafty tips, and parenting shenanigans to share with you. I’m just getting back in the saddle after having baby #2, so please bear with me as I dust off the cobwebs.

Who are the Apras? We are a young family setting down roots in Sunny San Diego. We are at the beginning of a Tiny Living journey and are still downsizing all of our extras so we can fit the 4 of us into 200 square feet. Myself, my husband Matt, and our two offspring Autumn and Porter are learning to let go of stuff so that we can hang on to what really matters: Love, Memories, and Time Together.

Throwback to Thanksgiving 2015!

We love cooking, baking, and from scratch living. We aren’t totally hippies, but I do breastfeed, cloth diaper, and Baby Wear, so if you’ve ever wondered about any of those “crunchy” activities, I’ve got some stories to swap. This blog features some of our favorite family recipes, activities, and DIY adventures. Stick around and see what we are up to!

Wishing you joy,